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creating her luminous life


Together we are not just working on your fitness goals, but working on an overall complete lifestyle transformation. Think habits, mindset, wellness, nutrition and self-care!

Together we are:

- Building a fitness routine that you are able to stay consistent with.

- Forming and ingraining sustainable wellness habits (that actually last).

- Creating a better relationship with yourself, movement and nutrition.
- Building a solid nutrition foundation.

- Prioritising YOU (finally).

Imagine waking up in the morning with a fire in your soul ready to show up as the best version of you and going to bed feeling accomplished and content with your cup not only full but overflowing.

Imagine a life d
evoting yourself to all the promises you have set for yourself.

Thats what this membership will do for you!


How will this membership change your life?

  • Provides you with direction and structure in your workouts to help you not only stay consistent but also help you achieve your fitness goals

  • A sustainable approach that allows you to build consistency and create habits that become ingrained in your every day, making changes that last life long with ease.

  • Guide you in transforming your mindset towards yourself, exercise and nutrition creating a beautiful relationship between all 3 and finally prioritising yourself and your self-care

Who is this membership for?

This membership is for women who:

  • Struggle to prioritise self and self care

  • Tried fad diets and fitness programs but changes never seem to stick

  • Can never get habits or changes to last

  • Is tired the way her lifestyle is and how she feel

  • Feels directionless in the gym and unsure of how to get to goals

  • Is inconsistent with the gym, nutrition and habits

  • Struggles with her relationship with nutrition and exercise

  • Struggles with her relationship with herself

What is included in this membership?

  • Access to app

  • Customisable and buildable fitness program

  • Exercise form analysis

  • Custom goal and habit strategy and process

  • Nutrition and health coaching

  • Custom macros and calories

  • Accountability check ins (weekly/monthly)

  • Access to private instagram with weekly education and tasking

There are 6 amazing programs to choose from in your membership!

  • BUILD - Gym-based with a strong glute focused.

  • SCULPT - Dumbbell only and full body focused, can be done anywhere!

  • MOVE - Pilates-inspired circuit training.

  • EXPRESS - 3 x 30-40 minute sessions for the busy gals.

  • MAMA2B - Catered especially for pregnant women.

  • MUMMA - Created purely for the new mumma to safe move back into. movement.

These programs will serve as the base of your fitness program. You will then have access to an on-demand workout library that allows you to customise your program to suit you. So whether you want to add some extra spice, replace a workout on the days you are not feeling up for it or add in an extra day there is something for you.

This allows you to customise your experience and build your program (with my guidance) to create something that suits you and your lifestyle

If this sounds like something you are interested in...

I have an obligation-free discovery form for you to help us see if we are a good fit and what options would be best for you based on your goals, current lifestyle and budget.

Alternatively, contact me with any questions you may have below!

Our best form of contact is via instagram, click below to be taken to our instagram page and message us there!

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