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luminous life"



Welcome to the "Creating Her Luminous Life" Project - a complete life transformation journey towards a better version of yourself. The ultimate program for women looking to transform their bodies, minds, and lifestyles.


Our approach is centred around holistic transformation that goes beyond just achieving a strong, healthy, and fit body. Together we are going to:

  • Completely transform your relationship with yourself, build a really strong self-love muscle and truly become your own best friend

  • Empower you to create meaningful and aligned life goals and develop an actionable plan to achieve those goals and set you up for long-term success.

  • Cultivate healthy, positive, and productive habits that'll become second nature to you. We'll guide you in curating a lifestyle that feels good, inside and out. You'll feel empowered to live your life to the fullest

  • Step comfortably and confidently outside your comfort zone.

  • Unlock the true potential of your being by exploring and discovering your ideal self and the life you truly desire, and then take charge to make it a reality.

This program can help you with:

  • Feeling safe and comfortable through the uncomfortable feeling of change

  • Building your confidence and self-belief

  • Processing your limiting beliefs, breaking through them and replacing them with more empowering ones.

  • Basically helping you to up-level and evolve so freaking much that you will have to reintroduce yourself to people that you haven't seen in a while

  • Staying consistent in the gym

  • Gaining new healthy habits 

  • Give you direction and structure in the gym

  • Give you guidance and support

  • Your relationship with fitness and nutrition 

  • Confidence in and out of the gym

  • Helps build their self-love muscle

  • Staying consistent and accountable

The Five Pillars 

We've blended five essential pillars into a life-changing program that helps you nurture a strong, healthy body, a sharp mind, and an unbreakable self-love muscle:

  1. Fitness - Movement is a crucial aspect of a healthy lifestyle, and our program helps you build a strong, resilient body to support your vibrant life.

  2. Nutrition - We believe in creating a positive relationship with food and laying a solid foundation for long-term wellness.

  3. Self-love - Our program is driven by our passion for helping you become your own best friend in this precious life. We guide you to strengthen your self-love muscle and embrace your unique beauty and strengths.

  4. Mindset - We empower you with confidence and a positive mindset to conquer any challenge and live your life to the fullest.

  5. Habits - Through our program, you'll establish healthy habits that sustainably enhance every aspect of your life, paving the way for a fulfilling and rewarding journey.

How we work together:

Fitness & Nutrition

Based on an in-depth questionnaire, your fitness program and nutrition coaching will be created working in 4-week blocks, focusing on progressive overload. Your Training Program includes a full breakdown of what exercises to do, how many reps, sets, and what rest to have so that we can track and monitor your progress and ensure you're smashing your goals. You'll have an in-depth check-in weekly that will help you progress and keep you accountable.


Mindset & Self-love

We have fortnightly coaching sessions via Zoom, taking you through the luminous process to discover where we will work closely to identify your ideal self - the person you want to be, the habits you want to cultivate, the lifestyle you want to live, the goals you want to achieve, the relationship you want to have with yourself, your health, your priorities, your boundaries, and your routines. Once we have a clear understanding of your ideal self, we will work together to create a personalized, aligned plan to get from where you are now to where you want to be. And to ensure you have the support you need throughout your journey, we'll also provide you with access to Voxer, allowing you to communicate with us via voice memo or message Monday - Friday.

Nothing changes, if nothing changes.

This program is designed to help you make the changes to transform your body and mind in a way that is sustainable and lifelong. To help you get clear on who you want to be and where you want to go, break away from those crippling limiting beliefs, build your confidence, cultivate the self-love you so deserve to feel and unleash your full potential to achieve the life of your dreams.


What’s included:

  • Access to our training app which has all of the below inclusions on. 

  • A customised training program based on your goals, time availability and fitness ability. Your program will have every little thing set out so all you have to do is turn up.

  • Fortnightly coaching zoom call sessions

  • Nutrition and wellness coaching 

  • Weekly tasking and journal prompts

  • Custom daily habits

  • In-depth weekly check-ins 

  • VOXER app support Monday to Friday ( this app is like a walkie talkie and we can leave voice messages for one another, think coaching call on the go)

I don't believe in quick fixes, drastic measures or crash diets. I want to help you create a lifestyle that is easy to sustain long-term, creates balance and helps you glow every single day.

Here we value movement for so much more than what it can do for your physical appearance.


And I believe that self-love and self-worth is something you inherently deserve not something that needs to be earned 


And I KNOW that you are capable of SO much more in your life


I am determined to help you create a life that not only looks good but feels good too.


I will help you step into the most f**king powerful version of you.



This program is a six-month journey towards a healthier and happier lifestyle, designed to help you achieve sustainable lifestyle changes that will enhance your overall well-being. However, I understand that committing to such a program can be daunting, which is why we offer the flexibility to cancel anytime after the first four weeks. This allows you to test the waters and determine whether the program is a good fit for you, while also providing the security of knowing that you are not locked into a commitment that may not work for you.


That said, it's important to note that I believe that six months is the minimum amount of time required to see significant and long-lasting changes, and I am committed to supporting you every step of the way. So, take the first step towards a better you and join our program today, beautiful!


Join us for an online discovery session where we can explore your needs and preferences in order to determine the best service and packaging options for you. This interactive questionnaire is available to you at any time and is designed to help us get to know each other better, without any obligation or commitment and does not lock you into anything it just simply gives you and me a better idea if we are a good fit for one another!

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