of Living Luminously

Hi, I’m Kaila and I'm the founder of Living Luminously. I am a qualified personal trainer,  pilates instructor & master female trainer.


Here is a  little bit about me! I'm a mum of one (my beautiful and crazy) little girl Ava and I am engaged to marry the most wonderful man Daniel. Our little family means the world to me!

But before this little family came together, another little family was created that fills my heart with so much purpose. My living luminously fam. These girls have made  a profound impact on my life and I am incredibly grateful for connecting with each and everyone one of them.

Anyone that knows me knows I have a passion for changing the way women see themselves and exercise, especially now having a little girl, this has become even more important to me. 

Movement is an important part of my life and my aim is to encourage movement for other women with the healthiest mindset possible.



  • Cert III & IV in Fitness

  • Diploma in business

  • Advanced certificate of nutrition and health coaching

  • Pre and postnatal training/ SRE accredited 

  • Master Certificate in Fitness Programming for Females

  • Barre body pilates teacher training