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Introducing our membership services - a service that encompasses our 5 pillars! Fitness, nutrition, Mindset, self love and a monthly fitness program designed specifically for women who are looking for structure, guidance, and support in their fitness journey. We understand that staying consistent with a fitness routine can be challenging, especially if you struggle with low confidence. That's why our Base Membership will give you the direction you need to keep pushing forward.


This membership is perfect for women who are ready to take their fitness to the next level. We believe that every woman deserves to feel confident, both inside and outside the gym. We will work with you to build healthy habits, stay consistent with your fitness routine, and achieve your fitness goals while creating a strong, sculpted body. We'll be there to hold you accountable and motivate you every step of the way.

Our base membership is for women who:

  • Struggle to stay consistent in the gym
  • Need structure and routine

  • Need guidance and support in the gym

  • Have low confidence in and out of the gym

  • Needs someone to hold them accountable 

  • Have a lower budget

  • Not ready to commit to 1:1 coaching

Our fitness coaching is for you if you are ready to:

  • To show up to the gym confidently knowing exactly what to do

  • To be more consistent in your fitness routine

  • Build healthy, productive habits

  • To achieve your fitness goals and create a strong, sculpted body

  • To be held accountable for the promises you make to yourself


As a Luminous Member, you'll receive access to our exclusive training app, which includes everything you need to get started:

  • A training program with three different options: Gym, Home, and Busy. These programs will have a strong glute and core focus. Your program will be set up in a way that you won't have to worry about a single thing, as it will have every little detail laid out for you. Additionally, all of your exercises will have video demonstrations, ensuring you know precisely what to do.

  • We'll focus on progressive overload in four-week phases, helping you to build strength and improve your fitness level over time.

  • We'll help you establish daily habits that will support your fitness goals and create a healthy, balanced lifestyle.

  • Fortnightly check-ins to provide accountability, support, guidance, and motivation to keep you on track.

PLEASE NOTE: This service is a minimum 4-week commitment 


Join me for an online discovery session where we can explore your needs and preferences to determine the best service and packaging options for you. This interactive questionnaire is similar to a consultation but via the form so that you have the convenience of filling it out around your busy schedule. This is available to you at any time and is designed to help us get to know each other better, without any obligation or commitment and does not lock you into anything it just simply gives you and me a better idea if we are a good fit for one another!

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