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What is a

Luminous Life?

A luminous life is a life that not only looks good but genuinely feels so SO good on the inside too.

You wake up energised, you look in the mirror happy, you go through your day with a smile on your face, you practice self-care EVERY DAY which ripples throughout your entire life (think killing it at your job, present in your relationships, calm in motherhood, keeping your shit together etc), you have finally replaced those negative thoughts about food with positive ones and in fact you don't really have much thought about food because you love taking care of yourself so when you do eat your favourite treats you savour every single bite, and finally you go to bed content and fulfilled.

This is what I want to help you create, incorporating the 4 wellness pillars that I believe will transform your body, your mind and your entire life


The 4 wellness pillars a
luminous life consists of:

I've blended four pillars that I believe to be essential to create a life-changing transformation. Wellness to me creating a sense of overall balance of tending to your body, mind and overall health. Its about creating not only longevity but a better quality of life LONG-TERM.

This membership will help you nurture a strong body, healthy habits and the self-love muscle your 80 year old self would be proud of.


Fitness is the core of this membership as I believe movement is a crucial aspect of a creating healthy lifestyle and an important act of self-care. 


I strongly believe in creating a positive relationship with food and laying a solid foundation for long-term health.


This membership is driven by my passion for helping you become your own best friend and build a really loving relationship with yourself. We will create massive mind shifts around fitness, nutrition and yourself that will be the catalyst to helping you finally prioritise yourself and your health.


Through this membership, you'll establish healthy habits in a sustainable way that will ripple into every area of your life. I am a little bit obsessed (okay VERY obsessed) with habits and believe that working in building habits is the core element to success towards your fitness and wellness goals.

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